27 October 2006

Good enough?

photo: Markus Andersson

Is there any..?

Photo Per-Arne Andersson

Guest: Monika Brand

I found Monika´s charming series some time ago. These pictures remind me of the joy of photographing. Invited by Ulf Fågelhammar

Here is what Monika tells us about the pictures:

"My photographer friend Stefanie Schneider and I had the idea to do some fifties pictures. So we needed some models ( no problem, because Stefanie has so many beautiful friends and I have such a daughter with many friends, and we needed a ....location! In our imagination we saw an American Diner filled with all the people of the 50´s Well, we found this location in our town and we were allowed to take our photographs at this place. We were really happy and on edge, because it was our first big session. Finally it was a lovely, funny and pretty chaotic time and wer're really glad with our results. I hope you'll like the pictures, as I do." If you're interested in more, you can have a look here:

Let me be the one who brings you back to the light V

Practical Hainting for Beginners II

photo: Jeanne Wells

Lesson Two: Never put away your toys when you're finished playing. Nothing like a little surprise!


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