08 January 2007

From the zoo in Berlin

I saw Jonas' and Markus' pictures from the Berlin zoo and I felt I wanted to show you what I saw there aswell. Here is my elephant and my giraffe

the existence of angels

And I don't believe in the existence of angels
But looking at you I wonder if that's true
/Nick Cave

Gruppo F inbox: Markus Jenemark (featuring Fredric Clemborn)

For as long as there has been man, there have been carvings andpaintings - in caves, on rocks and trees. To claim land orterritory, spread a message or as a token of ones love for somebody.
"He looks upon the empty canvas, waiting for the inspiration to hithim.then begins."
"My work, My name. My mark in history"
"I don't know anything about tomorrow - I love you today."
"The classic"_
"Scarred. For life."
© Texts by Fredric Clemborn. Photos by Markus Jenemark.


or "Spiddekauga" as we say in Skåne;)

Jeanne said...I don´t know what a skåning is

This is for you Jeanne:

Henrik Larsson is a skåning

Birgit Nilsson is another skåning
and Anita Ekberg

and so on

and yes...joakim, helena and ulf of gruppo f are also skåningar.
Was this article of any help?

Under cover

Nobody said it was easy