13 December 2007

Is Photography Dead ?

In a very interesting article in the NEWSWEEK Dec 10, 2007 Issue, Peter Plagans discusses the status of current photography, related to the evolution of photography as an art form. He says: "A digital photograph...can be a Photoshop fairy tale, containing only a tiny trace of a small fragment of reality. By now, we've witnessed all the magical morphing and seen all the clever tricks that have turned so many photographers—formerly bearers of truth—into conjurers of fiction."

Plagans concludes his article by saying: "The next great photographers—if there are to be any—will have to find a way to reclaim photography's special link to reality. And they'll have to do it in a brand-new way."

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lighting up December

Lucia celebration, Dagis 2006. The children are wearing their winter clothes under the costumes /Ulf