23 September 2007

invited guest: Michał Sita

This is a short story about Northern Kurdistan or, respectively, Southern Turkey. A place in a particular moment in history, when 30 years period of fighting for the name of this land - has ended. Kurdish guerilla war is burning out, leaving the coutry and it's people suspended. Photographs are not ment to comment on politics, but to reflect a kind of uncertainty. I rarely met people who would talk about the future with confidency. Revolution is gone, while nothing else came to replace it. Each idea seems too dangerous to treat it seriously.

Thank you for possibility of sharing those photos. It's a big pleasure for me to have this chance.

Michał Sita is a student of cultural anthropology on AMU in Poznań and photography on Silesian University in Opava. He lived in Turkey for six months in 2006, thanks to EU scholarship program.

Contact with Michał: michal.sita(at)gmail.com

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