28 July 2009

Our Young City

Christopher Nunn’s photographs depict fictional and constructed spaces. He is interested in exploring “the way memory, over the course of time, becomes fiction”. The images are pieced together from a number of partially remembered places that Nunn has experienced and works of fiction connected to them. This includes a visit to Pripyat, Ukraine, an evacuated city that remains abandoned beside the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power station. The ambiguous title was taken from a piece of graffiti seen in the city. Nunn states that the empty and decaying spaces in his images “represent the diminishing nature of memory and its relationship with time and fiction”.

Christopher Nunn (b 1983) is a UK based photographer whose work deals with memory, time and fiction, often utilising constructed miniature spaces. Our Young City is currently being exhibited at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, England as part of a group show titled Lost In Transit.

Photos and text: Christopher Nunn

Sources: E. Hopper

Photo: Luc Rabaey