31 August 2008

Tatiana Bitir new author of the F Blog

When I am travelling on Photography Dr., sensations are at the forefront and not the thoughts that may be crossing my mind.

Conjuring up an image where poetry and mystery mingle, as in City Girls, where nature inserts itself incongruously above the veil of a hat: tree branches, clouds, we get a sense of freedom; the breath frees itself from the stranglehold of the fabric covering the face.

I try to pursue the mystery that lies between light and shadow, to reveal the boundless solitude of human beings hanging in midair, precariously balanced between Heaven and Earth, on the verge of an imminent fall: Suspended, under a sun that scarcely lightens up, but remaining the sole witness to their presence.

Bodies exist in anticipation: frozen in the unchanging time, a woman at her window. Waiting; another one clumsily makes vague dance steps in a disembodied space: Dancing with the Light.

Illusion and Joy: In another syncopated dance, a child whirling around a green ball and its shadow, in glorification of a magic-sized world of fantasy.

A woman zigzags along a path – a distant figure with an umbrella, whose destiny we will never know: Path.
There are those I meet on the streets, who smile at the camera, I feel they are on the border between the outer-normal-world and the inner-madness-world, a place where the limits are undefined and constantly changing.

The absence of landmarks inspires me to move towards the unknown, stress differences that can lead to a humorous, melancholic, fantastic representation, and uncover, behind the façade, the ‘weirdness’ of things and beings.

Face to Face (187)

Photographer: Andre Lindholm

R is for Rowland

Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, and we'll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebration that never can end." (Richard Bach)

Best wishes Bea!


Feliz cumpleaños, Reina !

El rey

A rebus in French

A common french phrase, two words, sorry GC you can't guess! :)