12 January 2007

Category F6

Wind speed: 319–379 mph 511–609 km/h
never observed
Potential damage: Inconceivable damage.

The F6 level, while present in Dr. Ted Fujita's
wind scale, is not an official damage
level and is not
used to rate tornadoes. There
is, by definition, no such
thing as an 'F6' tornado.

says Wikipedia

Invited Guest: Murat Harmanlikli

From the album "Birdy"

From the album "Every lonliness is a revolution"

From the album "Tales"

From the album "Dark men society"

From the album "Tales"

I am happy to present Murat Harmanlikli to you. He says: "I love to loose my self in the poem of Istanbul". His work is really like poems. You can see more of his photography here

Invited by: Jeanette Hägglund

Road songs

Road songs. This is Dianavision by GC.

about context and explanations

Sometimes it is necessary to add a text in order to understand
the context of a picture. This is however one of the mysteries
about photography - often you are better off without explanations.
This picture needs a text though.

As an experiment I will not submit the text that goes with the
picture at once - in order to give you a chance to share your
feelings about it.
Well, this is a quite well known picture at least to some of us.
I can´t help thinking about the photographer. What made him
or her point the camera in that direction away from the scene
in the street? Was it a deliberate choice? A brave photographer
by all means. There is no information to find other than the text:

"A Frenchman weeps as German soldiers march into the French
capital, Paris, on June 14, 1940, after the Allied armies had been
driven back across France."

Found at National Archives