07 September 2008

For Ulf

from my own perspective

summer moved on...

for Ulf, a song about changes. thanks for everything and see you soon :)

ITD - weekly magazine. Polish reality at the 80`s

"Goździk raz! - Carnation one`s!" Woman's day in Polish Republic of People was one of the major national feast. Avery women was given a gift like carnation flower and plate of chocolate. Photographer: Stanislaw Kulawiak

"Dno - Deep bottom" - Day before radical increase in prices of alcohol.  photographer: Krzysztof Pawela

This will be a great day

My friends call me crazy, but don't you agree with me that finding a perfect colourcoordinated spot to park your bike is a sign that this is will be a great day?

for bad and the good guys