04 January 2008


place: Embu, Brazil

date: 27.12.2007

photographer: Marcin Górski

Face to Face (13)

44th St, New York
Photographer: Alan Wilson

Face to Face (12)

Photographer: Mikaela Lundin

Face to Face (11)

Photographer: Mikael Jansson

Face to Face (10)

Photographer: Walter Neiger

Trees (17)

night palm tree for the new year :)

Photographer: Marcin Górski

invited guest: Filipe Franco

As an artist (painting) I use photography as a work-instrument for my creative process and as a hobby in my free time. Situated in the island of São Miguel, near to Ponta Delgada ( the main city of the Archipelago of the Azores), the beach of Pópulo' is seen as a place for relaxation and pleasure for its population.

Like many others, I too go there frequently to drink a coffee and especially look at the see.
In this context, the presented series of photographs is a part of a bigger project ( in construction) that searches to reflect the direct form of the behaviour of people in the presence of the sea- their facial expressions, corporal movements and attitudes.

The developed photographies were taken between 21/04/2007 and 14/12/2007
/Filipe Franco

A quote by Elliott Erwitt comes to my mind seeing these great pictures by Filipe Franco: It's about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby. It´s a pleasure to see you here Filipe. /ulf