15 November 2006

gruppo F inbox: Linn Tenman - Travel

Photo: Linn Tenman. Please also look at Linn’s other pinehole photo at the F blog and the post about Camera Obscura by Ulf Fågelhammar.

A Study of Power: Reagan

I'm growing interested in Ronald Reagan, in many ways he is a fascinating person. Much more so than ever the Bushes have been. I've looked through some of the Reagan Presidental Archives, following Joakim's useful link the other day.

Rights and source is Reagan Library Archives.

Reagan as young boy.

Reagan as a bit American. A more American President is difficult to find, I think.
But then he meets Gorbachev, and I think things got more complicated.

When looking through the photos, I travel back to this very different period of time. For a few years, it felt like we could escape "Destiny", and end up somewhere else, in a better world.

Think about these meetings this duo held, and their developing relationship! This must have been a absolutely fascinating moment in time.

I read somewhere that Reagan's personal ambition was to become friend and convince the person in each room which seemed the most adverse towards him at all times. I wonder what happened when he met Gorbachev then?

Of course this nonsense could not go on for ever. The picture above is chilling to me, in all its (then) positive connotations. Avoiding the word games, a darker future of course was lurking around the corner. But what a fascinating paranthesis in history this was!

gruppo F inbox: London Beach - a lone star

Photo: Paul Boocock

I think it was Thomas who brought up the subject of the lone star,
the individual image. Also Christer Strömholm did that. This is a
lone star to me. I am glad Paul sent us this magnificent Holgavision
from the river Thames. I love it!


photo: Jeanne Wells