15 November 2006

gruppo F inbox: London Beach - a lone star

Photo: Paul Boocock

I think it was Thomas who brought up the subject of the lone star,
the individual image. Also Christer Strömholm did that. This is a
lone star to me. I am glad Paul sent us this magnificent Holgavision
from the river Thames. I love it!


chrisw1r said...

Paul, this is indeed a different view of London. *lol*
It is a lovely "snapshot" to me!

F said...

Yes this is indeed "a lone star" no words need to be added. Pauls´s picture is a great example of the single image!


Jeanette said...

Very nice Holga vision


kita said...

ohhh Paul so so nice to see you here...and you already know what I think of this pic and all you Holga shots.....

F said...

Great photo with a twist that I appreciate alot.