06 May 2007

Colourbox scenery (ii)

Colourbox processed

walking blues

Dianavision by GC
I think you were our first invited guest!
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sunday afternoon

picture by urbano

Colourbox scenery

straight from the colourbox

The Roma Journeys, Joakim Eskildsen

Well, speaking of Sergels Torg; Kulturhuset is a part of that place. I have
not been a regular visitor to Kulturhuset although I have lived in Stockholm
for more than 30 years. But during recent years the exhibitions of photography
seen there have been great.

This summer will see along with Etoundi Essamba and more the Danish
photographer Joakim Eskildsen. He now lives in Finland (and they say that
it´s in Finland things are happening around here when it comes to
current photography.)

Eskildsen and the author Cia Rinne travelled in India, Hungary, Greece, Finland,
France, Russia and Romania in order to document, understand and interpret
the Romany community and way of life.

Exhibition open from 2 June 2007- 19 August 2007
Find out more about photographer Joakim Eskildsen

the living room

picture by urbano

Sergels torg is a place that people love to hate or hate that they love.
You will find everything there, the good, the bad and the ugly.
It´s the living room of Stockholm.
Here are a couple of great interpretations of that place that have
been publish on the F-blog.

Sergels torg as seen by Mats
and by Marcin.