04 January 2007

Are you drunk, or what are you doing on the ground?

Spirit of d'Orsay

the moth

What kind of angel, what kind of angel is that?

exhibition in stockholm

from our friend in Buenos Aires

Carhue is a small town with a salty termal lake somewhere
near Buenos Aires. People go there to bathe and relax.

Berlin, New York. Well I´d like to go there. And even more after
Markus latest pictures from Berlin and of course John Strazza´s
from NYC. But perhaps I would first go to two cities I have only
seen from the airport more or less; Lisbon and...Buenos Aires!
There will be some Gruppo F activity in Buenos Aires in February.
So stay tuned to the F Blog for more.

Waiting for that to happen I just had to go back to Pablo and
ask him if he had some more found photos; fotos encont

He was one of our first guests. Have a look here!

"I am not a photographer... Oh well, I do take photos - but merely
out of trashcans."
- Pablo Cruz Aguirre

And visit his site for more!



This must be the queen of the sunflower!

This is Plaza de Mayo: the younger boy is really happy!

This man is about to throw the 'taba'. The 'taba' is a
cow bone with metal attachments and it has two faces,
like a coin. I think the game consists in throwing it
and betting on either of the faces

There is a guy somewhere in the web who collects
photos of women with dogs. I will send him copy of this.

gaucho? not.


Back to Light - MrM Prologue

Mr.M is Not a Strip

The Past of Mr.M

The Futurism of Mr.M

Mr.M's Dilemma

Mr.M and the Time

For some years ago now i saw the Mr.M project on Usefilm and curiously followed every posting. Mr.M is a project by Giuliano Guarnieri & Matteo Santoni (a.k.a dlsan - here). I´m glad to present some photo´s from the proejct here on the F blog.
See more of Giuliano Guarnieri here

Invited by: Jeanette Hägglund

angel for Ulf