13 November 2006

Invited guest: Artur Alan Willmann

Artur is in my opinion the most gifted photographer of younger generation, perhaps not just in Poland. He started showing his works in galleries, as shaped photographer in age of 19. Bit later he won Canon contest for pro photographers with series of colour works from India. Canon sponsored him another trip to India, which resulted in even better works.

Today Artur is student of European Academy of Photography and also of Academy of Fine Arts. I would like to present you his recent works - lith prints:

I am sure we'll hear of Artur soon. More of his works you may find here.

invited by Marcin Górski

The Formula without F - reply

I'm quite convinced which of the two forces: Nature or Mankind, wins in the end. I think a key to this dilemma is to really understand that it is us and our children that will loose, not Nature. And in a way, declining weather is quite good to build that understanding.
I read in Scientific American a few years ago that actually, the Co2 problem isn't really a "long-term problem" for Nature. The excess Co2 will be absorbed by the oceans, the only small problem is that it takes a couple of hundred thousand years. (Poor humans.)

gruppo F inbox: The Hermit

Photo: Helena Nilsson

About being....

"I´m nothing
I´ll always be nothing
I can´t want to be nothing
Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams of the world"

Àlvaro de Campos, "The Tobacco Shop"

The formula without F

photo: abeku
They say that for every 60 meters a car will be able to fill a balloon with CO2. Some are proposing restrictions, on an individual basis, on the amount of CO2 produced. Regardless, the impact on the nature by the human being needs to be minimised severely. Some believe that such a step would mean another medieval age (which wasn't that gloomy anyway), but I believe there's enough economic opportunities to be won even for the short sighted. Sadly, I need to take my car every day to make it to the job and back home and pick up my boy at the kindergarten at a certain time. It's life against the watch on both a small and and a large scale. Who will take the first step?

gryphons, climate change and coffee

Photo: Ulf Fågelhammar

I was actually looking for some information about climate change, since Per-Arne brought up this issue. But the gryphons led me to Persia (they have appeared in Persian art) and yes...! Of
course! Montesquieu and his Persian Letters written 1721. He must have said something about climate change. Well, I did not get so far. Instead I got stuck with this:

"COFFEE is very much used in Paris, there are a great many public houses where it may be had. In some of these they meet to gossip, in others to play at chess. There is one where the coffee is prepared in such a way that it makes those who drink it witty: at least, there is not a single soul who on quitting the house does not believe himself four times wittier than when he entered it."

LETTER XXXVI -Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice (translated by John Davidson)
Montesquieu was referring to Cafe Procope

So where to go from here? I am thinking of an Espresso machine from 1961, which is said to produce the most delicate coffee in Stockholm. Found at this café.

(I think all of this is the work of Dr Tarkini)

Historical indisputable facts #1

I came across a runestone yesterday.
I myself, quite often stops and think about the past efforts of our ancestors.
How they lived, what they thougth of when they turned stones into art.
Then I read the inscription...
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Tarkinis old door