09 April 2008

Narcistic boy in hell, mirror himself on a wall.

Gliwice House of Photography: My world, my reality

Gliwice House of Photography is honored to invite to vernissage of two projects: “My world, my reality” and “My world, my city” were realized by group of handicapped artists from the Center of God’s Mother in Knurów, under supervision of Krzysztof Gołuch with help of volunteers (Marcin Liberski, Arkadiusz Gola, Adam Hiltawsky, Krzysztof Szewczyk and Staszek Heyda).

Authors of photos: Krzysztof Wyszyński, Krzysztof Piszczelok, Damian Cięciek, Marek Skrzypek, Jacek Krzemiński, Henryk Pawełczyk, Janusz Przyklenk, Robert Mioduszewski, Michał Hein, Antoni Klon, Adam Sadlak.

Projects „My world, my reality” and “My world, my city” were realized by group of handicapped artists from the Center of God’s Mother in Knurów. Genesis of those projects comes from simple question how does the world looks in the eyes of disabled people.In the first project “My world, my reality” disabled artists were showing their internal world of the Center, in the second project they went out with cameras to picture the city where they live. All of the works in the projects are full frames to show complete picture of the world seen by handicapped photographers.Those photodocuments were already shown and impressed the viewers, press titles speak well about the feelings of the guests of this exhibition: “See to understand”, “Handicapped artists are showing themselves without ornaments and avoiding stereotypes”, “We are all the same”, “I’ll show you who I really am”. Those headlines are free from compassion and protective tones. Authors of those photographs became active creators of art, full right members of artistic and social community.Another, perhaps even more precious value which left after those projects – this is the magic curiosity of the world injected to our handicapped friends…/Krzysztof Gołuch
photo: Jacek Krzemiński

photo: Krzysztof Piszczelok

Vernissage will take place in Fabryka Drutu, April 11th 2008 at 17:00h (Dubois 22, Gliwice, PL). Exhibition will be open till April 27th all the week at 16:00-19:00h, except Mondays.

Exhibition was organized thanx to help of Mrs. Grażyna Grzesik from Gliwickie Centrum Edukacyjne HALO!GEN


Trees (83)

photographer: Magdalena Wajda-Kacmajor

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