10 May 2008

As instructed...

Photo: Skye

invited guest: JH Engström (Shelter, part II)

Earlier this week JH Engströms book Shelter (Härbärge in Swedish) was presented on the F blog. As a comment to the pictures Christofer, another F-blog author, said:

"So close and so very very strong! Photographs that really gets under your skin, and like a tattoo will stay there a lifetime."

I totally agree as I can't stop thinking about some of the pictures. Now I am happy to present eight other photographs from Engströms book Shelter, about homeless woman in Stockholm.

Please also look at the earlier posts about Engström and his work on the F blog (here or here) or visit his homepage.
Invited by Fredrik Skott

how to not x 2

Two how to-not-images. One is from my sister's 'studentexamen' (graduation from college) around 1974 and the other image is from yesterday - I made this on purpose. Does it count?
- Jan Bernhardtz

F Spotting: Lina Nääs

Photo: Scott Hardy