21 May 2007

driving the mountain roads

One of the hazards of driving over Kentucky mountain roads. Near Jackson,
Breathitt County, Kentucky.

Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910- photographer.
1940 July-Sept.?

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection,
[reproduction number, LC-USF33-031133-M4 DLC]

We have published several pictures by FSA photographer Marion Post
Wolcott. Search field up left or go to Library of Congress (see links).
You will find over 9 000 photographs by this remarkable woman.

a little big reminder

Ponglish, Swenglish or broken English?

The F Blog is an international project. We have readers from over 70 countries
and guests from around 30 countries. The editors are from Sweden, Poland
and USA. So apart from our English speaking Lady, we are struggling hard to
make us understood in that language. But did you know that we also speak
Spanish, Portugeese and even Danish? And perhaps more than that.
- mr urbano

Jeffery, Miss Jenny and Jesus

Picture by Mark Zurek
I like to see oddities on the blog. This is the first hen appearing as
far as I can remember. And that fellow is definitely interesting.
Thank you for your contribution Mark. We love to receive pictures
in Gruppo F inbox. If your picture is not published it is probably
- your picture sucks
- your picture is a masterpiece
- the editors are daydreaming.

Well, the third reason is the most likely. ;)
- mr urbano