09 November 2006

Guest: Payman Hazheer

Here are some more of Paymans excellent pictures.
You can see more of Paymans work here.

Invited by Alf Johansson.

Olhares do Morro

Today I (and Alf) went to Galleri Kontrast on the vernisage of Olhares do Morro, where we had a chat with the cordinator and French photographer Vincent Rosenblatt of the exhibition.

The exhibition is a result of a workshop taking place in Santa Marta one of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro where young people living in the favela have documenting life from there own perspective.

It´s a very good exhibition that made an high impact on me and a close document of life in the favela, so go and see it.

You can see more here and here

stockholm blues with shoes

What a Greasy Mess...

I'm not the engine mechanistic type of guy.
I revert to nervous behaviour.
Like photography.

stockholm again and again