29 March 2010

Inbox: Susanne Willuhn

A while ago we got a mail from Susanne Willuhn with a link to her page with some wonderful photos. We're now proud to be able to show them to you. Enjoy!

"I am an autodidacte and began to take pictures a few years ago as way to express and explore myself.
When asked what my photography is about I usually don't know what to answer. Maybe it is because I don't have any special motives or themes.
For me my pictures are all about my personal daydreams, longings, the memories i like to hold or regain, reminiscences and so on.
My photographic approach is mostly intuitive. It's about the secrets of everyday life as it is in its authentic form, without arrangements or other alterations made for the pictures. I seek to show the potential ambiguity of everyday settings and the spirit of the people involved. Imaginary worlds and shifting moods are meant to become visible."

happy B'day Lina!