06 April 2008

Docu 08 - Line Number 38

Tramcars of "N" type had been produced in three series in 1949 – 1956 in Chorzów's "Konstal", Gdansk Shipworks and Coach Factory in Sanok. Their construction was based on German war tramcar type "KSW". They had been used widely until 1980's in the Upper Silesia region. Currently two "N" type tramcars are used in Bytom in line number 38. Cars number 954 and 1118 are the only and the last vehicles of this type in revenue use. Enjoy the trip through Bytom in 38 line tramway car number 1118 with charming crew and Bytom citizens.

Text was taken from Line Number 38 Tramcars brochure created by Paweł Lison and Jakub Drogoś. Photos taken in march 2008 by Grzegorz Lizurek

postcard from: Rome

Photo: Mirko Caserta

no thanks

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz


Photo: Jan Buse

House, Los Angeles

holgavision: Ulla Larsson

House, Tystrup

This is the house where I lived until my third year. It's me in the window and my sister looking in. I think I remember the actual situation very well. But as with other memories from my early past, I'm not sure if it's an real memory or if it's just a fake memory I build upon the picture.
story: Werner Heyckendorff
photographer: most likely Werner´s father

House, Uppsala