16 September 2008

Hey! Let's celebrate with pizza!

Hooray for TWO!

F celebrating by Paolo Saccheri

photo by Paolo Saccheri

Happy Birthday F!!!

may you continue blossom

Happy Second Birthday F

how to celebrate the F blog aniversary

the ceremonies of F blog aniversary slowly begins. You may join one of may parades (go to the main square of your town)

you may join one of thousends parties (go to closest fire brigade depote)

you may also celebrate it making picknic with your friends

You may also find another way, just share it then with us >

all of the pictures from Library of Congress (1: Bain News Service 1910-15, 2: Russell Lee 1939-40, 3: Jack Delano 1941)

waiting for the party...

Flowers for the...

Let's celebrate!

photo by uncle Hans Åström

Happy Birthday F!

F celebrating - two year anniversary

photo: Joakim Sebring

Rafal Siderski wishes us Happy Birthday

nice feeling to wake up and see the present to unwrap, thank you Rafał