07 April 2009

Fat fringes on the F blog


So exotic and American aesthetically pretty.

I really love this, the people, the conversations, the atmosphere, the music. The smell of summer and a cool breeze from the side window in my car, “this Charming Man” in the air.

When I started this project I became almost obsessed by the culture. Any event or happening, I had to attend. It was simply like therapy, not at all related to my everyday life. My ambition was to portray the orthodox people, their commitment, but above all the strong fellowship it brings. I was not interested in cars then, nor the music. All that later grew on me, big time.

This is not a culture without membership, and to the people not engaged. I respectfully say, “I have always been on a tourist visa, not permanent”. But however, it took me for a nice ride. /.../

Project History:

2002. Pictures where shown in the documentary, “Brylcreme & Blysläde” at Swedish television. From Daniel Sahlberg’s initial venture into the Rockabilly scene. Additional to this was a portrait on front cover of, “Dagens Nyheter” the biggest newspaper of Sweden.

2003. An editorial reportage with 12 pages in the European magazine, “Bon” pictures from Hemsby in England.

2004. The first exhibition, “Rebels One” at the Advertising Agency Otto Proximity Sthlm. Presented in 8 b&w portraits. Some pictures were also printed this year in the Norwegian magazine “Carls Cars”.

2005. The final exhibition, “Rockabilly Rebels” at House of Culture Sthlm. Presented in 16 portraits and additional still-picture movie named, c8h18.

2006. Reportage in the American/Scandinavian magazine, “Nordic Reach”. This year was also the release, “Rockabilly - the last romantics” a journalistic book about the subculture and Daniel Sahlberg’s photographs on the front and back (Atlas Publishing).

2007. Art Show, “the shape of things to come” at Galleri Jonas Kleerup in Stockholm. Two pictures of cars where presented in this exhibition of various photographers.


Links: Daniel Sahlberg Photography, the still-picture movie c8h18.

Invited by Anders Blomqvist

Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman

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