05 December 2006

Cheap or not?

To argue about an old car.
Tri-X 800 ASA 105 mm

Gruppo F inbox: migration - later that day


later that day

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Enid came by for a visit...

Wherever there's adventure to be found
Just a clue or a secret message bring the Famous Five around
Whenever there's a mystery to be solved
Up in the ruined castle or down in Smuggler's Top
(Chorus:) We are the Famous Five
Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy the dog
We are the Famous Five
We're coming back to you, whenever there's time, time after time.

Enid Blyton Famous Five

To be in the middle of everything

invited guest: Josephine Sacabo

Some months ago I discovered the fascinating work of Joséphine Sacabo. I find her dark, subjective and beautiful photographs really interesting and is happy to present some of her work on The F Blog. She uses poetry as the genisis of her work and is for example inspired by Rilke, Juan Rulfo and Baudelarie. Her photographs are all black and white silver gelatin prints and she often uses multiple negatives, various tonings, oil washes, solarizations and flashing during the process. ”There are many steps involved in creating the final print and these are as important to me as the capturing of the image”, she says.

El Final. From the serie El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan
© Joséphine Sacabo.

From the serie Viernes Santo
© Joséphine Sacabo.

From the serie El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan
© Joséphine Sacabo.

Moon over time. From the serie Nocturnes
© Joséphine Sacabo.

Western civilization. From the serie Ophelia's Garden
© Joséphine Sacabo.

Since 1976 Joséphine Sacabo have showed her pictures on several galleries in USA, France, Belgium, Guatemala, Spain and Mexico. For further information and more of her interesting photographs, please visit her homepage. Joséphine, thank you for contributing to The F Blog. Invited by Fredrik Skott

Gruppo F inbox: view from Marsala

©Kalle Jonsson

Gruppo F inbox: Espen Aasheim

box talk © Espen Aasheim.

drain.door.frame © Espen Aasheim.

Please also look at Espen Aasheims earlier contribution to The F Blog

The Golden Girls (Panter Tanter)

Do you remember this old series, btw?


photo: Jeanne Wells