31 January 2008

Special K...

Brian Molko / Placebo / Warsaw 07


Music - a mini project in F major

Cortegen - photo by Per-Arne Andersson

Is music essential, vital, indispensable or necessary? There are probably even more adjectives to find when speaking of music and the importance of it. F loves music and at least three of the authors of the blog are apart from being great photographers, also excellent musicians. We find it hard to imagine people saying that music is insignificant or unimportant or secondary (it’s like someone saying that they don’t like the F blog, isn’t it?)

When the music has silenced- trombonist Mats Äleklint
photo by: Mikael Jansson

So here we go. This mini project will rock. We want your best pictures from concerts (symphonic, metal, choirs, hip-hop etc), people playing instruments (or just pictures of instruments), vocalists, street musicians…you name it. And if you can visualize a song by Leonard Cohen, one of Mozart’s piano concerts or a saxophone solo by John Coltrane we would be in heaven.

If you have seen the newly released film “Control” about Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, you will find an excellent connection between the art forms photography and music. Anton Corbijn directs the film.

Photo by: Ulla Larsson

Are you ready? Let’s go then. Send your contributions to Gruppo F Inbox. Stay tuned to F - we are there for Photograhy.

Trees (54)

Photographer: Per-Arne

Face to Face (49)

Face to face (48)

Photographer: Grzegorz Lizurek

Trees (53)

photographer: Markus Jenemark

Trees (52)

photographer: Werner Friedli

Trees (51)

photographer: Joni Karanka