12 March 2008

sleeping window display

Photo: Walter Neiger

Postcard from: Azores

The wine, the friend of the wine and the friend of the friend of the wine
Photo: Filipe Franco

Postcard from: Surte

A postcard from Surte. There once was a glass-works here.
Photo: Jan Bernhardt

Paradise Street 6, Warsaw

Postcard from: Ciudad de México

Foto de la Ciudad de México, es una foto de la "Central de abasto",.A 25 años de distancia, la Central de Abasto (Ceda) se mantiene como el principal punto de distribución de alimentos del mundo y el segundo centro económico más importante de operaciones después de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV), con transacciones comerciales por 8 mil millones de dólares anuales.
Photo © Raùl Ortega

The last 25 years, la Central de Abasto (Ceda) has been the world´s largest point of distribution of food.

Postcard from: Söderhamn

Photo: Malin Hellesø

Trees (69)

Photo: Tatiana Bitir

Postcard from: Barcelona

Photo: Emilie Hallard

postcard from: warsaw

The Mexican suitcase

The Zone Zero site has made an excellent presentation (author Trisha Ziff) about the lost Robert Capa negatives that now have been rediscovered. More about this story here on the F blog.

interior from an exhibition

We have already told you about the exhibition "From Karlskoga to Kartago" with the work of Markus Andersson. This is Karlskoga konsthall just before the opening on 8 March. A review was published here. (in Swedish)


Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

postcard from: Göteborg

Photo: Carolina Sellin