26 November 2006

November evening 2006

©Per-Arne Andersson

invited guest: Micke Berg

For me Micke Berg is a great source of inspiration. I havn’t read all his 20 books but Stockholm blues and Retro are among the most beautiful and fascinating photobooks I have seen. Now I am proud to present Micke Berg and some of his photograph’s. See also Micke Berg’s homepage, his blog and the earlier post about Micke on The F Blog.

All photograph's by Micke Berg. Invited by Fredrik Skott.

gruppo F inbox: family album

photo by Kasia "Kalua" Kryńska

silesian songs (in technicolour)

continuation of sentimental trip: Ania and Wojtek

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Christofer, I agree with what your saying, Fort Europe having a decreasing population with a couple of hundred million people deficit in ten-fifteen years time. But I count on the resilience of mankind somehow, these huge structures don't break down very often - as long as we keep the peace. :)

Photo from New York.

some kind of heritage

It quite often strikes me that there is a culture in this land that is replaced right here, right now. Someday we will just be left with a damn lot of middle aged people with golf bags running around with their knickers searching their balls.
And we...who inherited this, who borrow this from our coming generations.
We will be looking for our balls too...

photo by: Christofer Grandin