01 October 2006

Guest Micke Berg

Micke Berg has published 20 books with photographs
and held about 100 exhibitions.
To me he´s a great
source of inspiration and there´s a prescense in his
work that grabs me.
This picture will be shown on an
exhibition at Galleri Kontrast November 14, 2006.

Please have a look at his homepage

Invited by Mikael Jansson.


F said...

Yes, he's a great photographer! He's blog is good reading, too!Galleri Kontrast in November seems to be just about right to get some inspiration!

F said...

This is such a great photo! Thanks for sharing both to Micke B, the photografer and Micke J, the inviter. This photografi is about life, needless to say anymoore!


F said...

Very nice to see Micke Berg on the f-blog! :) Really like your photos micke.


F said...

Yes, very nice to see Micke Berg on the F-blog. Your photos are amazing. Best, F.