15 March 2009


Krzysztof Szlapa: Into the Life, Into the Light

When I leave my place I move in the public space when suddenly various elements catch my attention. Human marks, recent signs of presence preserved on images are like intimate diary of urban life.

I do not deliberate on nature's beauty when taking photos of a tree or any other plant. Possibility of life is what makes me concentrate on it.

Every time I take a stand towards my pictures I get to know myself better. Some of them might be considered as a personal conscience examination.

The most precious photographs are an unforeseeable gift from the Sun.

Picture so natural and so unusual as human heart beat is my dream.

I repeat myself that I am not ready yet for taking shoots of people and their faces however it still concerns my mind.

Krzysztof is young photographer from Katowice, his works will be presented soon on the Rybnik Festival of Photography. 

More of Krzysztof's works on his website >

invited by Marcin

dreams of days to come

Two days ago we had spring here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now we're back to january again. Lets forget about the snow for a while and dream about summer and spring.