03 July 2007

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Invited guest: Wojciech Jastrzębski

Wojciech Jastrzębski was born in eastern Poland, upon the Bug river. His fortune brought him to the city made of concrete.
The photographies of Widzew – one of the biggest “sleeping-districts” in whole Poland, from the 120 thousands citizens’ city of Łódź – is the first conscious photography work by Wojtek. These are for document the remains of the “golden days” of PRL (People's Republic of Poland 1952-89). http://www.fullframe.pl/
invited by Joanna Kinowska


Picture by Ulla Larsson

From 1982-1994 "Planket" was a major event, where Swedish photographers
showed their work. And Planket is back! On June 30
people came from all
around to enjoy some great pictures by 80 photographers.
The exhibition was
according to the tradition held in
Vitabergsparken, Stockholm.

On a 70 meter long
wall each photographer was provided with a fixed space
to hang their work. As you can see from the pictures by Mikael and Ulla it
was raining (Swedish summer) but
people who where there reported that
they had a really good time.

The F Blog is happy to receive the news about the revival of Planket. Some
of the
participating photographers have been guests on our site like
Micke Berg, Gunnar
Smoliansky, Lars Tunbjörk, Gerry Johansson,
Sanna Sjöswärd, Paul Hansen, Bengt Björkbom and JH Engström.

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