18 March 2007

Gliwice House of Photography: Mikołaj Grynberg exhibition "Passed away"

Gliwice House of Photography is honoured to invite to the exhibition of Mikołaj Grynberg's works "Passed away". Exhibition will take place in the Gallery of Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP) on Gliwice Square, on March 20th, at 19.00.
Art director: Joanna Kinowska

Dear all - we have just started. We want to see and show your works in Gliwice! All of the galleries in the city are open for you in future during this year and future Gliwice Months of Photography. Let us help you to share your works in real life!

Inauguration of Gliwice House of Photography activity - Mikołaj Grynberg's lecture

Gliwice House of Photography
is honoured to invite to
Mikołaj Grynberg's lecture "Many Women"
which will take place in Gallery of Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, March 19th

was created by Marcin Górski, Agnieszka Gomolla, Staszek Heyda and Iwona Zięba in Gliwice to promote fine photography in Gliwice and region of Upper Silesia.
Activity of Gliwice House of Photography is supported by Joanna Kinowska and Jerzy Lewczyński.
We can easily say, creation of GHP (in Polish GDF) was possible just thanx to Gruppo F and F Blog. GDF is real life local, Upper Silesian branch of F blog.
Long life to Gruppo F, F blog and all of the doctors!

Gruppof Inbox: The Seating by Owen

© Owen O'Meara

Gruppof Inbox: Billingebadet blues by Marcus J

© Marcus Jenemark

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