04 December 2006

invited guest: Iwona Zięba

I have opened few days ago doors to Upper Silesia. I’d like you to come to this world with other photographers.

I am honored to present you works of Iwona Zięba.

Iwona finished Academy of Fine Art in Katowice. She works as graphician in publisher office. She often joins graphic with her other passion – photography. She is famous mainly thanks her photo-collages, often published and awarded, but we decided to show you place where we both live – Gliwice.

Photography and graphic art allow me to forget at least for a while about reality.

I try to follow and capture the conversation of elements of my works - I am looking for something that I call dialog (dependencies or symbiosis).

I love photographing fogs, but…you have to get up sooo early…

all works by Iwona Zięba
invited by Marcin Górski


mikael said...

Outstanding work, so nice to see here!!!

abeku said...

Yep, this is great! Thanks for sharing with us, Iwona!

Jeanette said...

It´s certily a fascinating place and i HAVE to go there. Interesting photos, thanks for showing them


Gilbert G. said...

Yes, outstanding. Dark and hopeless, but also not.
This is among the best on the blog so far, if you ask me. Thank you very much for your contribution.
- G.G.

ulf said...

There are many things running through my head seeing your pictures. Strong pictures, deep blacks and I am getting to know Gliwice better and better.
Hope to go there someday

mats äleklint said...

Great work, love it!

jeanne said...

So very beautiful -- Iwona I am enjoying your photos immensely, and so grateful to marcin for inviting you here.

F said...

Wonderful work!

I love the mix between dark overhanging threatening architecture, and the alive persons.



Agnieszka [d z i m e l l a] said...

:) bardzo miło cie tu zobaczyc Iwonka:) musimy pokazywac wiecej naszego Ślaska :)