29 February 2008

From Karlskoga to Kartago - a preview

Be sure not to miss this exhibition opening 8 March in Karlskoga, province of Värmland, Sweden. You have already been provided with details here. From the preview I get a feeling that this event will be a great one. Good luck Markus!

Everything appears so recently

Photo© Rosita Borum, Rättvik

Sweden's Official Festival for Documentary Films called Tempo Documentary will be on in Stockholm 5-9th March. As a part of the festival an exhibition will take place on Center of Photography. Mobila dokumentärredaktionen (the Mobile doucumentary team of editors) travelled in the spring of 2007 around Sweden and collaborated with elderly people in four cities and towns, collecting and depicting reflections on life and reality of and by senior citizens.

The participants, about 200 retired people, produced together with the team an extensive material that has been shaped into 25 short films, 35 radio documentaries, one feature documentary for The Swedish public service broadcaster – Sveriges Television (SVT), a book and a large amount of still photos.

The exhibition at the Center of Photography will open on 6 March and will be on until 16 March. Read more about this event on www.tempofestival.nu/english/

08:30 AM

Photo: Markus Jenemark

Daily Print

photo: Jeanne Wells

Here's today's Daily Print, hope you enjoy it! If you want the daily news, just sign up and it'll be in your mailbox each day. It's a fun project, and did I mention Daily?

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Fotoexhibition "dreierlei"

Flow 3, photo: Melanie Neiger

rost 1, Photo Hans Ruedi Schlumpf

dream 3, Walter Neiger

Our Swiss friends Melanie and Walter invites you to Reinach, Switzerland to see their exhibition opening 4 April, 6.30 PM. Together with Hans Ruedi Schlumpf they will show their work in Galerie Heimatsmuseum until 27 April. F blog wish you good luck! /ulf

man in crowd

Photographer: Jan Bernhardtz

make your own kind of music...

sick of it all / PL 07
i've realized concerts are about music and hairstyle.

28 February 2008

invited guest: Zoriah

Zoriah is sensible, but frank photojournalist, who shows the world where sensibility seemed to be killed. He is associating human calamities around the world, showing in his pictures everything what comes with wars and disasters – the cruelty and nonsense of wars, suffering people with their wounds, but also growing hope, faith, emotions and strength. With his seemingly detached eye he delivers us complete one big picture made out of thousands individual pictures.

Zoriah was initially trained in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid to Developing Countries, he worked for international aid organizations such as the Red Cross before returning to photography after a long absence.

His work first won critical acclaim in the early 1990's when his photo series on homeless life in America was selected to tour the country in the Songs of The People project. He was also named Photojournalist of The Year in 2006 by Morepraxis and he won VII Photo Agency Portfolio Contest. He was among the photographers in World Picture News Networks Most Powerful Imagery of 2006.

His images of conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, The Gaza Strip and Lebanon have been widely published and have traveled to many countries around the world in museums and fine art galleries.

Zoriah specializes in documenting humanitarian crises in third world countries. He has photographed disasters, critical social issues and conflict in over forty countries around the world and his work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Fortune, Focus, L'Express and many others. Half of his time is devoted to doing pro bono work for aid and humanitarian organizations.
Zoriah official website.

I am honored to announce that, Zoriah will be since today frequent guest at the F blog, he promised to give us monthly reports on Iraqi situation.
Stay tuned
/invited by Marcin Górski

Las Teresas, Sevilla

Photographer: Yann Gensollen

Markus Andersson: From Karlskoga to Kartago

Markus Andersson is back in his native town Karlskoga with an exhibition of 40 photopolymer prints titled from Karlskoga to Kartago. The F blog is proud to have Markus as an author and we will certainly give you more about this event. The exhibition opens on 8 March in Karlskoga konsthall.

no beauty school dummy

Photographer: Walter Neiger

Jail, Antarctica

Photo: Margareta Cortes

27 February 2008

woman in crowd

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

Istanbul barber shop

At my local Turkish lunch restaurant, there are about 20 photos hanging on the wall. They fascinate me, since they apparently are from around 1890 or so. I have no idea if they are tintypes, postcards or what. But they always get my attention, so I photographed one of them for you all to judge. Perhaps there are some experts out there who know more about these old photographs?/Ulf


Photographer: Owen O'Meara

man wearing hat

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

invited guest: Ami Vitale (2)

I am honoured to present more pictures of our guest Ami Vitale; we presented her works few weeks ago, you will find them here>
Dembel Jumpora-Eyes-Adema Balde washes near her family's rice fields in the village of Dembel Jumpora located in the West African country of Guinea Bissua. She died as a teenager later that year after trying to escape an arranged marriage.

Alio Balde scrubs his body in front of the touffe, a place where bricks for the huts were originally made which had filled up with water. The end of the rainy season is the richest time of year when time to escape the daily chores is more readily available in the remote village of Dembel Jumpoa in the West African country of Guinea Bissau.

Dembel Jumpora-Dinner-Children eat the staple diet of rice from a communal bowl. During the end of the dry season, there is little to eat and many villagers will have only one meal of rice each day.

Boys play soccer underneath an enormous Bontang tree. Though the Fulani are a Muslim tribe, they also believe that this tree has a spirit. This mixture of animist beliefs and Islamic law creates a society which has a great respect for the land around them, the supernatural world and the laws of God.

more of Ami's works you will find on her web site.

all pictures ©Ami Vitale

/invited by Marcin Górski/

Long Tresses

Photo: Rhonda Prince

Face to face (83)

Il cappellino nuovo
Photo: Mirko Caserta

testing the fantastic flektogon

Photo: Mirko Caserta

we will rock you

totem/polish metal band with a rocking lady on vocals. and it's my contribution to 'music' and 'hair' :)


Photographer: Owen O'Meara

Sit here?

Photographer: Alf Johansson

26 February 2008

Ülmercott vs Kanon Mörk

This is the final test of the very rare Ülmercott Dr.t2 lens. You see the stairs leading down and a shady part of the wall in this picture taken with the good old ülmer. If I blow up the picture there will be some street art visible.

Ülmercott Dr.T2

Kanon 1Dr Mörk IV

These pictures show the difference between the ülmercott and the kanon mörk ( I shot excactly the same motif using Kanon 1Dr Mörk IV and zoomed the shady part of the wall). Interesting, isn't it?
/dr t

Face to Face (82)

photographer: Jacek Gąsiorowski

Hair - a mini project

Farmer cutting his brother's hair, near Caruthersville, Missouri.
Lee, Russell, 1903- photographer.
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, LC-USF33-011600-M3 DLC]

Photo: Helena Nilsson

Time for a new mini project? Yees! This is a hairy one. We want pictures related to "hair";
long hair, pink hair, barber shop interiors, signs, hair brushes, hair styles, beards, hairy legs, people with no hair...well you name it. As always we rely on your imagination, dear reader of the F Blog.

Please send your contributions to the gruppo F inbox address or to any of the editors (Marcin, Ulf).

Just a reminder: the featured mini projects "Music" and "Kitchen" are still on. Don´t hesitate to send a picture on these subjects. The former mini projects "Street corners", "Café" and "Kiosks" are displayed as labels, and of course you are welcome to contribute with pictures on these subjects as well.

Three projects will be featured all of 2008: Face to face, Trees and DOCU-08. We hope to be able to make an online exhibition (or even a real life exhibition) with photos from these projects in the beginning of 2009.

So, stay tuned to F - the Hairy channel./ulf

on the road with Benny

Photographer: Benny Persson

Docu 08 - Independence in Kosova

Photographer: Łukasz Kuś

Place: Kosova
Time: 16 - 17 of February 2008

Pictures were taken during few days before and just after declaration of the independence of Kosovo by Łukasz Kus - polish documentary photographer. Until now the world is divided into recognition and protest. As in every conflict after inventing photography, pictures can show the real life. Only if they are shown to the people... /joanna/