26 February 2008

Hair - a mini project

Farmer cutting his brother's hair, near Caruthersville, Missouri.
Lee, Russell, 1903- photographer.
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, LC-USF33-011600-M3 DLC]

Photo: Helena Nilsson

Time for a new mini project? Yees! This is a hairy one. We want pictures related to "hair";
long hair, pink hair, barber shop interiors, signs, hair brushes, hair styles, beards, hairy legs, people with no hair...well you name it. As always we rely on your imagination, dear reader of the F Blog.

Please send your contributions to the gruppo F inbox address or to any of the editors (Marcin, Ulf).

Just a reminder: the featured mini projects "Music" and "Kitchen" are still on. Don´t hesitate to send a picture on these subjects. The former mini projects "Street corners", "Café" and "Kiosks" are displayed as labels, and of course you are welcome to contribute with pictures on these subjects as well.

Three projects will be featured all of 2008: Face to face, Trees and DOCU-08. We hope to be able to make an online exhibition (or even a real life exhibition) with photos from these projects in the beginning of 2009.

So, stay tuned to F - the Hairy channel./ulf

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