16 September 2007


Micke salutes the F Blog One Year.
Picture: Mikael Jansson

Happy Birthday!

Let's keep on flying...

Ad: F blog has been hiding...

Happy Birthday!

Picture by Gyula Fazakas

Fireworks for the first

three doctors salute the F blog

Break / Reflections

Congrats dear blog!

postcard from ex-mining town, Scotland

Picture by Darren Hepburn


Here´s my contribution - the celebration of the F-blog....


Picture by Markus Jenemark

for an anniversary

for an anniversary, like one cake-candle, happy birthday :)


photo: abeku

together for year(s)

Birthday Greetings from Nurse Rabbit

postcard from little Oslo

Happy one year anniversary! /best wishes/espen
Picture by Espen T Aasheim
Oslo, Norway

cakes and sweeties

Picture by Rhonda Prince

Strange days in B e a c o n

T o m H o l m l u n d

Once in a Lifetime

on the waterfront

"This picture is not digitally manipulated in any way, it´s just a plain
shot on reflecting water (in the city of Borås!)."
Picture by Jan Buse


Picture by Ulla Larsson. She is managing the exhibitions at Uppsala Fotografiska
Sällskap now showing Metrograd by Markus Andersson from gruppo F.
Also have a look at this post on the F Blog.
Thanks Ulla. /urbano

Fossil Records of the Twentieth Century

GC from Montreal, Canada was our first invited guest on 22 September, 2006
It´s good to have you around GC and thanks for this series celebrating one
year with da F Blog. Flying high! /urbano

Underwater Poetry

Picture by Ingvar Eliasson (Galapagos islands)
We will se more from Ingvar the coming week. Stay tuned.

self portrait from Emese

picture by Emese Altnöder

from Owen

Owen O´Meara sends greetings to The F Blog One Year Anniversary with
this beaiutiful picture. Thanks! /urbano