02 April 2008

invited guest: Bruno Espadana

No matter what, I always go back to people. I may try other subjects - countryside landscapes, the emptiness of urban life - but people always make me go back.
It can be friends or family, people I know well and care about; it can be total strangers I pass by on the street.

It can be just a look, a wink, a gesture of the hand - manifestations of our individuality in the simplest things. That's what I end up looking for most of the time, even when I don't even realise it.

This selection is a bit of what I've managed to find along this way. I hope you like it.
Text and photos by Bruno Espadana.
More of his pictures you may find here ->
invited by Marcin Górski


Photo: Alberto Lizaralde

NK women

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz
(NK is for Nordiska Kompaniet - departement stores, located in Gothenburg and Stockholm)

from 24 hours with Rakesh

Photo: Alberto Lizaralde
Rakesh and his clasmates are taking a taxi to the school as every morning. Usually there are 6 children in one taxi (plus one teacher form New Light and the taxi driver). New Light pay the taxi every morning and send a van to pick up the children from school at the end of the morning.
Have a look at more photos by Alberto here on the F Blog.

Feet therapy

Photo: Ulla Larsson

Photo booth repairman

This is from Berlin. It is actually the repairman. Talk about Amelie Poulain...

found photo booth photos

It seems that photo booth photos are a collectible genre of photos. the attached are some i "found" at a carnival photo booth several years ago. And there is a site about it: www.photobooth.net
/best regards, Beatriz

This little story reminds us about Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain the film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. But also of "Fotos encontradas", that we have told you about on the F blog.

Face to Face (110): Zo

photographer: Jacek Gąsiorowski

Fun in Fundao

what about birds? aka Flightless

photo: Jeanne Wells