02 April 2008

Feet therapy

Photo: Ulla Larsson


Jan Buse said...

Well, dogs need theraphy (maybe specially those at The F-Blog):

And now theraphy for the feet? Is it something you want to talk about, I mean walk about?

Nice pic!

Jan Buse said...

Sorry, wrong url:

Anonymous said...

Great with the contact, makes me smile too!

Anonymous said...

fine picture
lovely smile captured at the right moment

Unknown said...

Thanks , Buse, i gave your link to some dogowners, i´m not just now…i´ve been.
About therapy I think that dogs or even cats really are therapy…and the girl at the photo gave therapy but she need a mask.

Thanks Mikael and Ulf!
(from the exhibition “women look at women” UFS gallery-03)