28 December 2006

When Grand Dad went Fifty

My Grand parents were living in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) during a period in the sixties. Recently I got my hands on Grand Father's letter home reporting on his Fifty year birthday.

Official "on-duty" photo.

"Official photo of the fifty year birthday celebration 28/10 1967.
In front of the Bougainville with the gifts.
Among them is Kalles Kaviar from a dear friend living in COlombo.
(78 Fahrenheit in the shadow at 7.30 in the morning)"

"Lunch time 84 Fahrenheit in the shadow.
Champagne served from the best silver plate the house can offer."

"Our dog Rhum is always by our side.
Especially when we are serving something tasting."

"The lunch being served in the yard.
Special paper napkins signals the special event."

"The Wife looking relaxed after the excellent lunch."

"A happy Fifty-year-old. The guests have left.
The excellent dinner have been eaten.
Coffee with good music still coming up."

"A night cap enjoyed after a evening stroll.
Night shirt already on."

"Mid night. Brushing teeth."

Invited Guest: John Bemerstam

John tells me that technique as equipment has a secondary place in his photography, as well as the motif. Whats matter is light and light in darkness, something unconcious and automatic is underlying. His photos are often without people and the location are often simple and "clean".
John grew up in Finland, "in a tree in the forest" which may have some significance for the fact that there´s often trees or branches in his photowork.
I´m amazed by the magic world those photos has within and the light is fantastic. You can see more of his photography here
and here

Inveted by: Jeanette Hägglund

Gruppo F inbox:legs

There are times when a moment presents itself to us .. there is just
enough time, just enough light and a lot of inspiration .. Somehow we
just know .. even if it's a small moment, it's our moment .. private.
I had an old camera, a normal lens and a hand meter with me this day
.. What some friends don't know about this image is that it was taken
just weeks after 9/11. The commuter lines everywhere were long then
and waiting was a daily thing .. For me, this was one beautifully distracting,
private and sensual moment standing in such a line .. It was a grey
afternoon, a very grey time .. but it was also a very beautiful, sensual and
human moment .. I can still feel and remember it.

Picture and text ©John Strazza


lost and found (2)

Continuation of the former post under same title.
This time negative (half 35mm) with description: Kulawik's film, cottage 1979.


Invited guest: Ewa Stackelberg (3)

There may be a sheet that shields us like a skin.
A thin sheet around our love.
That bears the newborn.
Cools the one that sweats.
Surrounds the lovers.
The ones who loved long ago,
in love scenes that precede us.
And then the sheet around the young.
I want to wrap up their openness.
Raise a weave against the red strobe.
There may be a sheet for the power and fragility of the body.
That surrounds and lets fall.
A cloth to give to the warm darkness.

Ewa Stackelberg

This is another room in Ewas exhibition "Surrender". It´s called
"The young ones" and the pictures are painted with light in a
completely dark room using the widest opening of the camera.

Det kan finnas ett lakan som skyddar oss likt en hud.
Ett tunt lakan runt vår kärlek.
Som bär det nyfödda.
Svalkar den svettiga.
Omgärdar de älskande.
De för länge sedan älskande,
i kärleksscenen som föregår oss.
Och sedan lakanet om de unga.
Jag vill linda deras öppenhet.
Resa en väv mot den röda strålningen.
Det kan finnas ett lakan för den nakna kroppens kraft och skörhet.
Som omsluter och låter falla.
Ett tyg att ge till det varma mörkret.

Ewa Stackelberg

Please also have a look at the previous postings of 22 December
and 25 December with pictures from the exhibition "Surrender".

All pictures ©Ewa Stackelberg
Invited by ulf fågelhammar