25 December 2006

Invited guest: Ewa Stackelberg (2)

This is the second part presenting pictures by Ewa Stackelberg.
The selection is from a suite of 42 pictures exhibited at Fotografins
hus, Stockholm in April 2006. The suite is based on an old photograph
showing her parents. She has created original photograms without
using camera or film. I am struck by the beauty of these images.
Please also have a look at the posting of December 22 with Ewas

There may be a sheet that shields us like a skin.
A thin sheet around our love.
That bears the newborn.
Cools the one that sweats.
Surrounds the lovers.
The ones who loved long ago,
in love scenes that precede us.
And then the sheet around the young.
I want to wrap up their openness.
Raise a weave against the red strobe.
There may be a sheet for the power and fragility of the body.
That surrounds and lets fall.
A cloth to give to the warm darkness.

Ewa Stackelberg

all pictures ©Ewa Stackelberg
invited by ulf fågelhammar


F said...

Once again, amazing photographs! The red one is unbelivable. Thanks for sharing them.
- f.

F said...

Yes, great photographs!


Unknown said...

Warm and nice images. So new from an old photograph, very interesting.
Yes, it´s something about Love. So beautiful, I like them very much.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and so full of life and memories of life.

I love them.

Jeanette said...

Great photos and some are real favorites...so nice to see them here on the blog. Hope to see more in the future by you!!!


Anonymous said...

#7 strikes me in an very emotional way. So beautiful, so lost in time...

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures
I see a story about
parenthood, lost loved ones, love


Anonymous said...

Great treatment of these old photos.

Layering emotions, layering time.

Strong resemblance to the work of Gerhard Richter, by the way.