22 December 2006

Invited guest: Ewa Stackelberg

I want you to meet Ewa Stackelberg and get to know her
vision and photography. My first meeting with her was when
the book "Tale for the living" Berättelser för levande was
handed over to me by Peter Ragnarsson (I will tell you more
about that later)

I was spellbound by the story and the photograms that Ewa
had created.

It´s my intention to present parts of Ewa´s work during a
period of a couple of weeks, beginning with five photograms
from her exhibition in April this year at Fotografins hus.

She called the exhibition "Surrender" and the three series
of pictures were presented in different rooms. I begin with
showing five pictures from the series called "The Woman"

Photograms are pictures made without a camera. Read more
about it here.

There may be a sheet that shields us like a skin.
A thin sheet around our love.
That bears the newborn.
Cools the one that sweats.
Surrounds the lovers.
The ones who loved long ago,
in love scenes that precede us.
And then the sheet around the young.
I want to wrap up their openness.
Raise a weave against the red strobe.
There may be a sheet for the power and fragility of the body.
That surrounds and lets fall.
A cloth to give to the warm darkness.

Ewa Stackelberg

all pictures ©Ewa Stackelberg
invited by ulf fågelhammar


Jeanette said...

I just love your work Ewa. They are full of energy, has something 70´th over them, freedom and i really like the exploring techique ....I like them now as much as i did the first time i saw them. Very glad to see you stuff here Ewa and thanks Ulf who invited...


f. skott said...

Yes, wonderful pictures. This is so amazing and I would love to see them hanging on a wall! Thanks for sharing them.

mary c. mitchell said...


christofer said...

Wonderfull and so full of life!!

Espen said...

so organic, wonderful work. I'll be looking alot more at these very special photograms.
Thanks for showing.


Skilda Pappan said...

Well, you really don´t need the story to the pics. They, are astonishing, permanent reflective. Not in slience.

abeku said...

Yep, this is cool! I like!

jude said...

Extraordinarily beautiful...