09 August 2008

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Photo: Johan Emanuelsson

invited guest: Phil Bebbington (II)

In these images I am trying to capture the life and the death of Cretan villages. The death in respect of the villages emptying and becoming full of old people or babies. The life in the images…. suggestions to the soul of the place and the people that although gone living on.

I feel in these images that the black and white emphasise the decay and dereliction whereas the colour counter that with a suggestion of life…a window into what was. The colour of personal effects shining through the greyness." - Phil Bebbington

Pictures and text © Phil Bebbington
Have a look at Phil's site philbebbington.com and blog terrorkitten.com/iblog

Book: Sarah Moon 12345

From Thames & Hudson I recently got the information that they soon will publish five paperback volumes in a slipcase with more than 400 of Sarah Moon's fascinating images: 12345. Since I first discovered her book Coincidences (2001) I have been inspired by her photographs. Her beautiful images are photography at its best. I really look forward to see Sarah Moon’s new book! Release date is October 13th.

© Sarah Moon
© Sarah Moon

”Sarah Moon is a contemporary photographer of international renown. A former model, she has taken award-winning photos for such magazines as Vogues, Harper’s Bazaar and Nova. The images she has created for several brands, among them Chanel, Comme de Garcons and Cacharel, all share her poetic sense of place and personality. This publication, which includes an example of Moon’s cintematic work on a DVD, is a personal memoir in pictures, evoking her life, friends and fantasies. Distinguished writers – Dominique Eddé, Ilona Suschitsky, Magali Jauffret, Alain Fleischer and Robert Delpire – provide commentaires on her work in still and cinema photography, drawing out her thoughts on colour, contemporaries, influences and, in her own words, her unique approach to her subject. This is a unparalleled celebration of the vision of a gifted and individual photographer.” (Press release, Thames & Hudson)

© Sarah Moon

© Sarah Moon

In October two exciting satellite exhibitions will also be launched in London. ”Firstly the Royal College of Art, will exhibit over 150 black and white photographs and large-scale color works, spanning Sarah Moon’s entire career, and two new film installations, The Red Thread and The Mermaid of Auderville. The Michael Hoppen Gallery will host a separate exhibition, which will include previously unseen fashion photographs alongside the iconic images that established her reputation. The two exhibitions will run concurrently fron 17th October 2008.” (Press release, Thames & Hudson)

Sarah Moon
Published by Thames & Hudson Ltd. Release date: October 13th, 2008.
ISBN 978-0-500-287835

- Fredrik Skott

Exhibition: Anders Ryman - Rites of Life

© Anders Ryman

Most cultures mark important socio-cultural stages of life with rites of passage, celebrated when a person moves from one stage of life to another.

For more than seven years, the Swedish photographer and writer Anders Ryman, has traveled around the world to document these ceremonies. Some of his photographs now form a new photo exhibition. It gives a picture of both cultural diversity and the close kinship of humanity, regardless of cultural origin.

Anders Ryman's work has been collected in an extensive photo book. Stay tuned to the F blog for a review of the book Livets steg [Rites of Life].

The opening ceremony is on Monday, 11 August 16.00 on Raoul Wallenbergs torg, Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition is part of Stockholm's cultural festival and ends on September 28th.

- Fredrik Skott