09 August 2008

Exhibition: Anders Ryman - Rites of Life

© Anders Ryman

Most cultures mark important socio-cultural stages of life with rites of passage, celebrated when a person moves from one stage of life to another.

For more than seven years, the Swedish photographer and writer Anders Ryman, has traveled around the world to document these ceremonies. Some of his photographs now form a new photo exhibition. It gives a picture of both cultural diversity and the close kinship of humanity, regardless of cultural origin.

Anders Ryman's work has been collected in an extensive photo book. Stay tuned to the F blog for a review of the book Livets steg [Rites of Life].

The opening ceremony is on Monday, 11 August 16.00 on Raoul Wallenbergs torg, Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition is part of Stockholm's cultural festival and ends on September 28th.

- Fredrik Skott

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