16 August 2008

invited photographer: Thobias Fäldt

Thobias Fäldt is an interesting Swedish contemporary photographer. He has won Scanpix big photoaward and soon Steidl will release his photobook Year One. About his work Steidl wrote: "Thobias Fäldt collects photographs and compiles them, like notes in a diary, into stories and narratives. It is never clear whether they are his own images and experiences or simple collations of found imaginery. Together they culminate in a one fictional year of a life, Year One"

I discovered his photographs some months ago, thru his homepage, and find his work fascinating. Therefore I am happy to present Thobias on the F blog, with a serie from the forthcoming book Year One.

Photos © Thobias Fäldt. Stay tuned to the F blog for more info about Year One. And please check out Thobias homepage.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.

Happy Birthday Markus!!!

M for Markus

Happy Birthday Mr Jenemark! It was nice meeting you last weekend

Enjoy your day Markus!

Time is just memory...mixed with desire
Happy Birthday, Markus!

Happy Birthday, Markus!

from your friend Nurse Rabbit!
sorry, I mislaid my wig . . .

the stars are....for markus...happy birthday

"the stars are optical nerve endings of the eye, which the universe is"
text from "The stars are beautiful" a film by Stan Brakhage, 1974

and what are YOU doing?

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

Gasoline Alley