17 November 2006

gruppo F inbox: Ulla Larsson - Fados for Christina and Marcin

Fados for Cristina and Marcin. Photo: Ulla Larsson. Would you also like to contribute to The F Blog, please try this link.

Fabulous Green Sphinx Moth

...Fuzzy Mud Crab
and 2 121 more animals with common names beginning with the letter "F"

Voces Nordicae

Margit Zeijlemaker, alto / photo:abeku

During the summer 2006, I photographed Lone Larsen and the vocal ensemble Voces Nordicae. They needed some pictures that captured their passion for music. I suggested black&white photographs made by traditional means and I was delighted to hear that the photographic material was included in the booklet of their new CD.
The vocal ensemble Voces Nordicae comes from the scenery of Swedish choral tradition. In 1999 the ensemble wasfounded by the Danish conductor Lone Larsen and it consists of 16 professional singers. The repertoire of Voces Nordicae is varied, including works from essentially all periods of music history, with special attentionto nordic, contemporary, experimental, improvisatory, "cross-over", and ethnic music. Open minded towards new timbres,Voces Nordicae combines a pleasant light blend with surprising and ventured sounds. Repertoire and programs are selectedwith great care, and encompass a wide span of musical and human expression. The interesting variation brings attention and curiosity to the audience.

Lone Larsen, conductor / photo:abeku

They are promoting this CD release (Footprint Records) by having two concerts:
Gothenburg/Göteborg, Tyska Kyrkan, Saturday Nov 18th kl 16.00
Stockholm, Nybrokajen 11, Friday November 24th kl 19.00



along the way

photo: Jeanne Wells

Guest: Pontus Höök

Pontus is a Swedish photographer who has been living in New York
for ten years. He has worked for some of the biggest newspapers
in Sweden and...but why don´t you go to his homepage and see for
His contribution to The F Blog is a set of pictures of Serena Williams shot
during the US Open tournament 2004.
Excellent photography if you ask me!

invited by ulf fågelhammar







Invited guest: Loretta Lux

I am very honoured to present the work of Loretta Lux on The F Blog. According to me Loretta is one of the most fascinating modern photographers. But her photographs are also somewhat controversial. Charming, disturbing, wonderful, creepy, repelant, brilliant, kitschy are some of the words that have been used to describe Loretta Lux photographs. ”It doesn’t matter what I intend”, says Loretta. ”People are allowed to think what they please. What matters is whether or not the pictures work” (quote from American Photo Nr 3/2005). I love the photographs of Loretta Lux, but judge for your self!

"The Rose Garden" Ilfochrome © 2001 Loretta Lux

"Hopper" Ilfochrome 50x62 cm © 2005 Loretta Lux

About her photographs Loretta says: ”An artist picks a subject that he likes, so I picked children because that is what I can most connect with. But my work is not about the children I photograph. It’s not children’s portraits or portraits in a traditional sense. I don’t try to capture the model’s individual psychology. I treat them as a metaphor for childhoold and for innocence. Childhood is an important and most influential part of life. During childhood we learn to live in this world. But childhood cannot be repeated and that is in many ways underfortunate. It is tragic”. (quote from The Sun, New York, May 12, 2005)

"The Dove" Ilfochrome 50x69 cm © 2006 Loretta Lux

"The Drummer" Ilfochrome © 2004 Loretta Lux

Thanks to Loretta Lux for permitting us to show some of her photographs on The F Blog. Please visit her beautiful webpage for more photographs and information. Invited by Fredrik Skott.