17 November 2006

Guest: Pontus Höök

Pontus is a Swedish photographer who has been living in New York
for ten years. He has worked for some of the biggest newspapers
in Sweden and...but why don´t you go to his homepage and see for
His contribution to The F Blog is a set of pictures of Serena Williams shot
during the US Open tournament 2004.
Excellent photography if you ask me!

invited by ulf fågelhammar








marcin said...

o wow! especialy 1,2 and 7, simply great

ulf said...

And I am in love with 3
but all are great!

F said...

I agree with marcin, nr 1, 2 and 7 are my favorites.

mats äleklint said...

Very powerful pictures, I think they match serenas power well. Like it!

Jeanette H�gglund said...

I browsed his webbsite and found many nice photos, for example the dog with his "husse" shot with the dogs "point of view" was one favorite. I liked how people where integrated in the surroundings in a nicely way...interesting storytelling compositions... This b/w are nice but not as great as other i saw on the site. For me this images are nice ads for jewerly!


Mikael said...

Very good pictures and nice to see soma sport shots.
Have also looked around at the homepage and I´m impressed!