17 May 2007

invited guest: Peter Ragnarsson

On a shelf in my graphic workshop there was a paintbrush in a rack.
I tried to scan it in my flatbed scanner. It came out surrounded in black.
The flat light and shallow depth of field gave me an impression that the
object was half buried in the black, like a fossile in black granite.
I transfered the image to a photopolymer plate and printed it like a black
and white
photo gravure. I liked it and it made me continue with other
objects in the same mode.

All objects have one thing in common - something is broken or something
is missing. Small details, easy to fix. I will not do it today, but perhaps

The photo gravures in this serie will be exhibited in my work shop on
25-28 May in Hemse, Gotland.
Open 11-18. For more see my
site "Intermezzo Grafik".

The exhibition is part of an event called Gotland's Open Studios
(info also in English)

I had three animals that I loved dearly - a dog and two cats. At the age
of 18
they died one after another. When I dug the third grave the spade
broke on the third cut.

Pictures from top
(Photogravures, photopolymer process, limited edition)
Carbonizer, 13x18cm
2. In the Rack, 10x18cm
3. Pistol , 18x18 cm
4. Parts (from printer) 10x18cm
5. Kick 12x18cm
6. Bullets 11x18cm
7. Rifle 25x18cm
8. Broken 18x28cm

text and pictures by Peter Ragnarsson
invited by ulf fågelhammar

two men on a bench

picture by Bengt Hanson

run to the water...

oh desert speak to my heart. oh woman of the earth. maker of children who weep for love. maker of this birth. 'til your deepest secrets are known to me. i will not be moved."don't try to find the answer when there ain't no question here. brother let your heart be wounded and give no mercy to your fear".adam and eve live down the street from me. babylon is every town. it's as crazy as it's ever been. love's a stranger all around. in a moment we lost our minds here and lay our spirit down. today we lived a thousand years. all we have is now.run to the water and find me there. burnt to the core but not broken. we'll cut through the madness of these streets below the moon. these streets below the moon and I will never leave you. 'til we can say, "this world was just a dream. we were sleepin' now we are awake". 'til we can say.in a moment we lost our minds here. and dreamt the world was round. a million mile fall from grace. thank god we missed the ground. / "run to the water" - live / from Bill Viola's exhibition at Zacheta / for Mikael

Preview from exhibition "Street Photography"

Vernissage 19 May in Abbekås, Skåne.

Pictures from top:
Alf Johansson
Krister Kleréus
Conny Lundberg
Bengt Björkbom
Krister Kleréus
Ulf Börjesson
Alf Johansson