28 July 2008


Photo: Emese Altnöder

Australian fauna

I had expected some strange animals in Australia but...

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Photo: Emese Altnöder

Shop Window

Photo by Jennilee Marigomen

Art Check ( edited by Art F. )

A nome del Consiglio F vi chiedo di perdonare noi per postin unappropraite immagini. Noi inizierà presto la settimana italiana. Fa caldo!

Johan Emanuelsson


F Art

The Professor: is it the heat, or scramble or am i just lost i translation. I see strange words right in the middle of the street... ?
Herr Strudl (interrupting) Mr Professor, is this supposed to be funny???

The Pro: ...yes, yes.. in norweigan it is called fis sjekk and in spanish pedo comprobar..haha

Herr Strutz: No, I forbid you to post such nonsens. Grow up!!
The P: it´s already done!

Herr Apfelstrutz: Where is the delete button. I have seen it. It was RED! Now go to work you lazy bums. Delete!

The P: but..but.. butt (haha)

don´t judge a book by its cover

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

postcard from: Toronto

photo: Tatiana Bitir

Some minor observations while walking