21 November 2006

we are the happy family

Ready for angel take-off

we are the happy family

/dr Gonzo

A bunch of mad creative people?

So dear viewers, the discussion is on again. We can't decide - are we too much? Or is there a point to keep blogging in this furious creative pace? I don't know, we don't know. We think here, we think there. But anyway!
But I've been instructed by Ministry of Propaganda to keep it going. So here is! Another one. Duck, because soon there will be Another One again.
-Dr Wett

Camera Work

Alfred Stieglitz published the legendary journal Camera Work
between 1903-1917.
The journal played an important part in the
history of photography and refle
cts a turning point - from pictoralism
to modernism. Bearing in mind the terrible suffering
affecting millions
of people during the World War I it was almost a necessary
World War I brought the end of Pictorialism as an innovative force in
photography. Many of the leading artists in the movement were wealthy
amateurs, and the contented, bourgeois world view embodied in the style
was no longer tenable in the face of the horrors of that conflict.

/Charles Hagen NYT, october 27 1992.

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agony of the vanilla girl

a tango for the stiff-legged
& a display of advanced dancing

correct the unpicturesque

"Any dodge, trick and conjuration of any kind is open to the photographer's use.... It is his imperative duty to avoid the mean, the base and the ugly, and to aim to elevate his subject.... and to correct the unpicturesque....A great deal can be done and very beautiful pictures made, by a mixture of the real and the artificial in a picture."
Henry Peach Robinson
"Pictorial Effect in Photography" (1867)

Read full article by Robert Leggat, 1999

Invited guest: JH Engström

”I’m always looking for presence. Whenever I try, my doubts get unmasked. Easier then to stick with absence. I’m not trying to prove anything. I dont have that many memories yet.” (JH Engström 2004)

If you ask me, JH Engström is one of the most interesting photographers in contemporary Sweden. His books Trying to dance (2004) and Haunts (2006) are very interesting, intimate and fascinating. I strongly recommend them. Now I am happy to have the possibility to present JH Engström and six of his pictures on The F Blog.

From: Trying to dance

From: Haunts

Exhibitions, homepage and film
During November and December you have the possibility to see JH Engström’s pictures in Stockholm and Brussels:

Haunts, exhibition at Fotografins Hus, Stockholm, until 31 December 06.
Genre Humain, groupexhibition at Contretype, Brussels, until 23 December, 06
New series, exhibition at Milliken Gallery, Stockholm, until 23 December 06.

Besides the exhibitions the premier of JH Engström’s film about the photographer Anders Petersen take place on Orionbion in Stockholm, 20 November 2006. Please also visit JH Engström’s homepage.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.

Positive route

photo: abeku

the F cat

Photo: dr Feline

The F Cat, I think

Oh no, more cats. Photo: daLinKa r-(P). Photoflash: dr T.

Man Ray quotes

These are good:

Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask "how," while others of a more curious nature will ask "why." Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.

We asked him whether we could quote him. "Quote me as much as you like; as a matter of fact I don’t even mind if you misquote me !" -Man Ray, [ 9 Days of Photokina "Man Ray on the Future !" An Interview by Ed Hirsch & Ben Zar, Popular Photography, January 1967, Volume 60, No. 1, p. 99]

What type of camera do you prefer to work with ? "None ! I have to modify them all. My cameras are all of my own design. I take lenses apart and put them together again and put them on cameras that were not meant for them." -Man Ray, [ 9 Days of Photokina "Man Ray on the Future !" An Interview by Ed Hirsch & Ben Zar, Popular Photography, January 1967, Volume 60, No. 1, p. 99]

-from photoquotes.com


Maby you have been to photoquotes.com? Well, I think its a great site where you can find wise words from many photographers. I have a couple of favourites:

When asked how he felt about missing photographs while he reloaded his camera with film, he replied "There are no photographs while I'm reloading" -Garry Winogrand

It's just seeing - at least the photography I care about. You either see or you don't see. The rest is academic. Anyone can learn how to develop. It's how you organize what you see into a picture. -Elliott Erwitt

Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed. -Garry Winogrand

Whats your favorite quote?

Check it out at: photoquotes


European Families

November mornings.

I will google you

Photo: Doctor F (pictorialist)

Gruppo F inbox: Qian Zhou

"The Last Rose". Photo: Qian Zhou