21 November 2006

Invited guest: JH Engström

”I’m always looking for presence. Whenever I try, my doubts get unmasked. Easier then to stick with absence. I’m not trying to prove anything. I dont have that many memories yet.” (JH Engström 2004)

If you ask me, JH Engström is one of the most interesting photographers in contemporary Sweden. His books Trying to dance (2004) and Haunts (2006) are very interesting, intimate and fascinating. I strongly recommend them. Now I am happy to have the possibility to present JH Engström and six of his pictures on The F Blog.

From: Trying to dance

From: Haunts

Exhibitions, homepage and film
During November and December you have the possibility to see JH Engström’s pictures in Stockholm and Brussels:

Haunts, exhibition at Fotografins Hus, Stockholm, until 31 December 06.
Genre Humain, groupexhibition at Contretype, Brussels, until 23 December, 06
New series, exhibition at Milliken Gallery, Stockholm, until 23 December 06.

Besides the exhibitions the premier of JH Engström’s film about the photographer Anders Petersen take place on Orionbion in Stockholm, 20 November 2006. Please also visit JH Engström’s homepage.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.


Exposed Material said...

So refreshing to have you here, JH! Your pictures offers the viewer an alternate view. Familiar cases visualised in a very unique way. Multiple thanks for generosity to publish on the F-blog.

Mikael said...

So nice to see you here JH, have admired your work for a long time.
Expressive and with a story attached to each and everyone.
Looking forward to see your film about petersen.
Many thx!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures indeed
the suburban plaza is a knockout
could be fruängen, could be anywhere
could be in hell
thanks for being at The F Blog!

F said...

Great to see you here JH, I saw your work at Fotomässan, and of course, you could not pass by indifferent. Very strong and moving! Thanks for sharing!

The film about Anders Pedesen is on SVT2, 24/11, 20:00.


Markus said...

I remember the exibition Instabilt, shown a few years ago in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Your photos where probably the ones that I studied the most. It was the first time I saw your work and it has stuck to my mind and heart ever since. (Actually, rather few of the others really stayed with me)

It's such a pleasure to see your work here and I'm looking forward to Haunts

mats äleklint said...

Great photography! I especially like the 5th picture.

Anonymous said...

Anders Petersen,
JH Engström,
Christer Stromholm are some of the photographers that move me the most.
I knew those photos already and I'm very happy to see them again...

Wonderfull " école Suedoise ".

F said...

Yes, there is definitely an "école Suedoise" when it comes to these three photographers. JH moves its imagery forward, updates it into our time. Though I have a hard time finding the right context from which to look at, I deeply appreciate the vision. I guess I just need more time spent looking. I don't have that many memories of JH's pictures yet - to paraphrase JH himself!

Finding the right context is an eplorative journey in its own right. I like to take that journey, as often I can. Here, I get the chance, once more.

Great to see your here on the F blog!

J. S-g.

Anonymous said...

The first one has something i like. Otherwise i´m not singing in the chorus


Fredrik Skott said...

As you already know I think your pictures are very interesting. Thank you again for showing them on The F Blog.
- f.

F said...

Excellent photography, and the trying to dance serie is just perfect, I love it.


Anonymous said...

Today´s unnecessary trivia: The suburban square is the square in small town Hagfors.