05 January 2007


rubberboot souls...

Lets talk about dreams,
dreams of reaching higher
reaching further.
dreams of flight,
mental flight.

Just like the lovers in a Chagall painting
Floating high above the rooftops.
Freely in air.

Like Air Jordan.

But it is not a easy task.
Not for people like me
Raised with rubber boots on feet.
Solidly planted in the soil
In the clay.

A rubber boot soul.

Photos and thoughts: christofer grandin

exhibition: Piotr Walski


tale for the living (part two)

This is the second part with pictures from Ewa Stackelberg´s
beautiful book Tale for the living. See part one here.


the thing i miss most from this picture is not the sunny holiday feeling, nor the place i've visited, but having time. time. no rushing, no running. the temperature reminds those nice conditions, when you don't neet to wear gloves and trying to operate a camera with this! it also brings to my mind the hour. i miss this momment of going out from the work and finding light, where there is a slightly feeling that you haven't worked all day and daily life is still ongoing. say what you want, but winter-time is the most demending for us.


© Jeanne Wells
These are from a couple of years ago -- A poem rather than a report. One dress.