30 May 2008

I´m right here, in the children´s playhouse...

invited guest: Micke Berg

Once again I am very proud to present Micke Berg and some of his fascinating and inspiring photograph's. I strongly recommend all the F blog readers to check out his many photobooks – my personal favourite is Stockholm blues.

If you are in Stockholm during 6-8 June don't miss Micke Berg's exhibition "No Comments"- perhaps the most dark, beautiful and sensual exhibition in and about Stockholm ever. It's on Cafe Spuntino, Erstagatan 9. Vernissage: Friday 6 June, 13.00 – 17.00.

Please also search for Micke Berg's earlier posts on the F blog and visit his homepage. And if you can read Swedish – don't miss his blog!

All photograph's by Micke Berg
. Invited by Fredrik Skott.

Lennart Nilsson: Somewhere in Stockholm - opening tomorrow

Riksbanken 1955 ©Lennart Nilsson.

Lennart Nilsson, born 1922 is widely known for his medical photography. In association with researchers and with specially designed equipment, he has documented the inside of man down to the level of a cell. Find out more on lennart.nilsson.com

However, the exhibition opening tomorrow in Kulturhuset is covering Lennart Nilsson´s work as a photojournalist in Stockholm during the 1940-1950's. It´s a remarkable exhibition depicting everyday life in Stockholm of that time. The picture above is from The Riksbank of Sweden where the officials are seen practising how to shoot with a pistol ( and the woman keeps on working, without even bothering to look at them)

It´s a great exhibition. I urge all of you who love the art of photography to go and see this exhibition opening tomorrow in Kulturhuset. The book "Någonstans in Stockholm" will also be released then. You will find it on Max Ströms förlag.

I had the great honour to interview this legendary photographer today, an interview that will be published later this summer on The F Blog. The exhibition is on until 7 September. Stay tuned.
/Ulf Fågelhammar

(F)riday's print

photo: Jeanne Wells

I'm uploading Thursday's Daily Print today, instead of Friday's Daily Print -- just because it's prettier!
Don't know what I'm talking about? I don't either, but someone here might know.

As always, my gratitude to the support of my fellow Fers & F Blog readers.